For all metal parts of our jewelry we use brass as a base, which is covered with a high-quality, thick layer of 14K-gold. The gold layer makes out more than 4% of the piece’s total weight. Compared to the gold layer which is used for a lot of fashion jewelry, our gold layer is a 100 to 1000 times thicker.
To guarantee our quality also in manufacturing, every single piece is carefully handcrafted in a fair and sustainable working environment. Apart from our metal accents we also use a variety of high quality cords and real gemstones like labradorite and moonstone.
For these reasons, MAKAROjewelry pieces are a lot more durable and higher in value and quality than common fashion jewelry pieces. With the right care, they will remain their golden shine for a long time to come.


The absolute best thing you can do to take care for your MAKAROjewelry pieces, is to polish them from time to time to remove any remains from wearing. Just use a simple, soft and dry cloth without any fluids or cleaners to gently rub over your jewelry. 
Always put your jewels back into your complimentary gift bag or another suitable jewelry box, and make sure to keep it in a dry room. We also recommend using the complimentary gift cards, to prevent your pieces from tangling and getting scratched.
Especially pieces that contain a delicate chain or a natural gemstone should always be taken off before showering, swimming, working out and going to sleep. Additionally, they should not get in contact with body lotions, soaps, perfume or cleaning detergents.
Some pieces from our collection that do not include delicate chain parts or natural gemstones are suitable for permanent wear. These products are marked in the „Details“ section of the product page.


We warrant that all pieces of jewelry are free from manufacturing defects (in material or workmanship) for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. In such cases, we will repair or replace the product for free. However, this does not cover any damages caused after the date of purchase by accident, abuse, neglect, improper use or storage of the product, unauthorized modifications, or normal wear and tear. In these cases we offer a repair service though! Just contact us via