UnserE Edelsteine

At Makaro, we work exclusively with natural gemstones. Depending on the gemstone, these come from all over the world: opals from Australia, Herkimer diamonds from the USA, moonstone from Brazil. For our materials and gemstones, we work exclusively with suppliers who can guarantee conflict-free and ethical resources.

We know all of our suppliers and the working conditions in their companies personally. We make sure that they also select their suppliers according to ethical standards. This includes paying fair wages, maintaining fixed working hours and proper break regulations as well as the strict rejection of child labor. We also make sure that our gemstones are cut as close to their source as possible, minimizing the carbon footprint of each gemstone and supporting local craftsmanship.


We work exclusively with natural Keshi freshwater pearls, which are characterized by the their being allowed to develop naturally without outside influence. While "imperfect" pearls are usually discarded in the jewelry industry, we count on their naturally formed shape to make each pearl unique.


For our Makaro Engagement Collection, we work with rare, hand-selected Salt & Pepper diamonds. Each stone is characterized by a unique mix of black and white inclusions, making no two diamonds alike. Their far lower resource requirements for mining also make them environmentally friendly. Every Makaro diamond comes from conflict-free and responsible sources. Every Makaro diamond is conflict-free and responsibly sourced and certified by the Kimberley Process.